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The Southern New England Presbytery is committed to being an AUTHENTIC expression of a regional church wherein Christian charity, orthodoxy and mission are expressed in and through our formal and informal deliberations and activities together as becoming of those called by God to be the mediatorial body of Christ.

As a regional church, we desire that all three marks of the church be genuinely expressed at the presbytery level as through the ministry of word, sacraments and discipline/care giving in order to mediate the redeeming presence of Christ into the lives of our teaching and ruling elders together with the people of our local churches. We are further committed to shepherding, mission and leadership development for the glory of Christ as expressed through our ministry teams.

Therefore, as a church committed to Christian charity, we seek to guide our discussions as after the counsel of God 's word concerning love, humility and fairness in Christian conversation and especially we seek to honor the implications of the ninth commandment as noted in the Westminster Larger Catechism.

As a confessional church, we desire a vision for ministry that is more theologically driven and less procedurally driven-- albeit with procedures that respect Christian charity, trust, orthodoxy and mission as noted above. As a missional church, we recognize that Southern New England is a "frontier" region relative to the PCA, and that the church is an essential element of the gospel such that our first priority for mission is church planting in Southern New England in a cooperating manner. We also target those campuses within proximity to PCA churches and/or church planting efforts in order to reach the "nations" that have assembled in our many Universities in Southern New England. We also recognize that as of yet, the PCA in Southern New England does not reflect the ethnic "face" of our region as especially represented in our cities such that an effort is being made to better approximate the multi-national complexion of the heavenly church "on earth as it is in heaven."
For more information, contact the Stated Clerk, Ron Heald (clerk@snepres.org).
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